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The most beautiful girl in the world on both the inside and the outside. Very kind and sweet. She love to hug and help others. Can brighten even the worst day.
I was having a bad day but along came a Lilliana and it all turned out for the best.
by truthtellerpa February 03, 2010
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Lilliana comes from the name Lily which means flower of the genus Lilium. Lilliana is beautiful and pure! Loving and has eyes that are striking.
Lilliana is Beauty
by Bella Mella February 03, 2010
A girl that is incredibly beautiful and the most amazing friend in the whole world, she can be a total bitch and a whore sometimes but she never truly means it, usually an Italian that has dark brown eyes and brown hair.
I barely even know her and she helped me feel better.
OMG, what a Lilliana!

She walked in the room and everyone turned their heads to her.
Her name should be Lilliana!
by abs654 December 15, 2011
A girl who likes to talk a lot of shit about people that isnt true.
She is a little wanna bee bitch.
tim: omg that girl had sex with a monkey.
grace: that is so not true, you are such a a lilliana!
by roo-roo May 20, 2008

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