One who stretches every morning in hopes of sucking his own dick.
1. That dingus went to the ER after drinking a six-pack of O'Doules.
2. That mongloid is such a Dingus Khan.
by big biff and the chubbs January 22, 2005
Origin: Katie

1. Anything fat, ugly, nerdy, or tuba-invoved
2. Eric Laprade
1. Wow, you look like a dingus in those pants.
2. Hey Dingus, wanna come over?
by Andzdab March 13, 2005
Used to refer to something the name of which the speaker cannot recall, is uncertain of, or is intentionally (be it for the purposes of humor or euphemism) omitting.
Here's a doohickey and there's the dingus.

A dingus?

You know a whatchamacallit, a thingamabob...
by The Bloody Tyrant June 06, 2011
The penis.
Because it has made some men try some stupid things.
He's just thinking with his dingus.
by Deep blue 2012 August 14, 2009
Something that smell's awful.
It smells like Dingus in here.
by dfresh713 April 11, 2011
A slang term describing the male penis as described in the book What's Happening to My Body.
Mommy theres a prarie dog in my bed!
Dont worry Timmy, thats just your dingus growing
by cuss December 27, 2007
1.Latin; not German for "thing"
Yet, in slang it is used to describe the "penis"
2.Today, it can be used to describe anyone who acts like a "dick."
Billy stop touching your dingus.

W is really a dingus whenever he opens his mouth.
by Zimbeaux October 11, 2005

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