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The part of your arm opposite your wenus. The fold on your arm when you bend it.
Person 1: I love how you can pull the skin of your wenus but not your dingus.
Person 2: Dude, that's disgusting.
by koko16 June 18, 2010
Nickname of Jesse James of the Ol' West.
Jesse James once said "Call me Dingus."
by Jeskid March 26, 2007
The male organ
She sucked his dingus a looooong time!
by Buzz Cola October 23, 2003
a dingus is a candle lantern made by miners, by taking an empty whiskey or other bottle and removing the bottom by wrapping a kerosene soaked string around the spot you want the glass to break at, lighting the string and plunging the bottle into a bucket of water.
by J C Hosack July 24, 2003
Dingus is perfection. Period.
by Name's T, Beotch July 05, 2009
The proud weighty member in a state none other than semi-erect. Girth, Length, and Vessel Grouping are highly desirable features according to Dingus historians. ("The evolution of the Dingus" Circa 2001)
Dingus demands respect.
by Dirk Dingus June 03, 2009
Dingus derived from "Dinges", a German word?
Well, let this Dutchie tell you folks that "dinges" is 100% pure vintage Dutch (not Deutsch). I've just phoned some German friends in Teutonia and popped the dingus question: "Was ist das für ein Blötsinn?," their answer was. There you have it. Dinges is Dutch.

Dinges is used over here in Holland, when you can't remember someone's name, like in:

"Ik was laatst op de Dam en ik zag eh.. dinges daar, die gozer van the Red Hot Chili Biscuits eh.."

- Axel Rose?

"Ja, precies!"

"I was at Dam square (Amsterdam) the other day, and I saw ehm.. dingus over there, that bloke from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.."

- Anthony Kiedis?

"Yeah, that's right!"
by Sagunto May 07, 2008