someone who is goofy, someone who is not stupid; but acts as if they are stupid.

or they're seriously just freaking stupid -.-
harry fucking styles
by rayray202 July 29, 2013
A jerk or an ass. Someone who is pervy. A bully.
"oh my josh, Did you hear that Jake was sexting Julia?"
"Yeah! And then he beat up Marcus! What a dingus..."
by Terezi May 12, 2014
1. A gadget or tool whose name has been forgotten.
2. A stupid person
"Remember that stupid guy from the party that was such a tool? I forget his name..."
"yeah, Pete... man, what a dingus!"
by EvanTM January 08, 2008
Meaning a noob, or stupid person who does stupid things.
Kurt you are such a fucking dingus, you idiot
by Fredifile January 10, 2014
1.A colloquial term for an exceptionally lame person or someone who is acting lame
2. An act that is lame(a dingus action)
1."that guy looks like such a dingus"
"livi stop being a dingus"

2."Livi that was a dingus move"
by jetmate July 10, 2008
Nickname of Jesse James of the Ol' West.
Jesse James once said "Call me Dingus."
by Jeskid March 26, 2007
a word that means penis
stop being a dingus
by beep December 10, 2003
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