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2 definitions by Jeskid

Also known as Horror-Punk, Fiendcore was started by The Misfits in the late 1970's. This was inspired by the punk rock movement era in New York City. However, The Misfits are from New Jersey. Fiendcore is Punk, B-Movies, and Greaser music put in 1. its like...The Ramones and Elvis Presley having a kid and putting him in an old ass 50's movie about aliens and zombies. good shit.
Fiendcore is bumpin' out of that punk rocker's '57 bel air in which he is watching teenagers from outerspace.
by Jeskid March 26, 2007
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Nickname of Jesse James of the Ol' West.
Jesse James once said "Call me Dingus."
by Jeskid March 26, 2007
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