A person who occasionally pisses you off, but at the end of the day you still love them. They're usually your best friend who makes fun of you from time to time. Dingus can be used as a comment when they irritate you, or in a few cases, it can be endearing.
Dan: *mocking tone* "I'm Jenn...hmph hmph hmph!"
Jenn: *scowling*"You're such a dingus"
by jdawgmoneysign May 15, 2016
A dingus can mean anything, but usually is used to describe dumb people or genitalia.

Dingus also is used if you forgot a word. (just say "the dingus" instead)

An exclamation to show distaste;
That guy is a dingus
That guy has a dingus.
Give me the dingus
by Ninjafisher03 February 04, 2015
A type of fungus that grows specifically on the male genital area. Derived from the combination of "Dick" and "Fungus".
"Ew, that man over there has a dingus."
by Skee_J January 01, 2015
Dingus = Nicholas
Someone who acts goofy, stupid, idiotic but isn't and just does stupid things.
*Nicholas can't copy and paste*
Me: You're such a dingus... Can't even copy and paste on your own laptop.
by IsaBone December 07, 2014
An utter and complete fool; someone who is so naive and devoid of wisdom and intelligent thought, a more offensive and more difficult word is too good for them. Thus, they are described as a dingus.
Guy one: *spills drink all over rug, then breaks the bottle on accident*
Guy two: "ya dingus!"
by 12345pene November 07, 2014
An Idiot.
Josh: " I broke my leg doing backflips off my roof"
Sam: " dude, you are such a dingus"
by pithyul May 25, 2015
another word for penis
I want to touch your dingus.

word on the street is that you have a pretty huge dingus.

put your dingus inside of me.

your dingus tastes like watermelon.
by hole7382902 March 04, 2014
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