Basically the word "Dingus" is just another word for stupid, just like the word "Dickhead".
For example,

"Keep it steady, dingus!"

"Yeah, like some dingus kids would actually beat me in an argument."

"Well no shit, dingus. What did you expect? Of course that Prostitute you did had one or more STD's. Did you see how she looked?
by M.C.Shithead December 07, 2013
Someone who doesn't understand anything
Natalie is a dingus
by Nicholas," September 16, 2014
A weirdo; a pupil who knows nothing. he/she thinks the earth revolves around themselves.

Singular: Dingus

Plural: Dingi
"Gosh!!!" Jonathon, Why do you continue to act like a dingus?
by gopher27 June 11, 2014
A jerk or an ass. Someone who is pervy. A bully.
"oh my josh, Did you hear that Jake was sexting Julia?"
"Yeah! And then he beat up Marcus! What a dingus..."
by Terezi May 12, 2014
someone who is goofy, someone who is not stupid; but acts as if they are stupid.

or they're seriously just freaking stupid -.-
harry fucking styles
by rayray202 July 29, 2013
a dingus is the primary sexual organ that male and hermaphrodite animals use to inseminate sexually receptive mates (usually females and hermaphrodites respectively) during copulation; A Penis

synonyms: Dong, Slong, Penis, Anaconda, Weiner, Peeter, wee wee, a boys "thingy", Dickkkkkkkkkkkk
"Wow! Did you see Jonathan whip out his Dingus in front of everyone, it had so much girth to it."
"Carlos quit playing with your dingus at the table!"
by kout/Dan/jondickdrunkdingus March 14, 2014
Meaning a noob, or stupid person who does stupid things.
Kurt you are such a fucking dingus, you idiot
by Fredifile January 10, 2014

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