no real definition, can be used as a noun or adjective. dingus is similar to granola in the fact that it sounds exactly like what it is. a dingus is someone who will wear a cone on their head voluntarily, or just be a complete idiot or goofball
when i stepped into the weapon shop, i noticed that the penis armor they were selling was very dingus.

i saw a goofy group of kids who all played tuba, which means they all must have been dingi.

the kid who everybody makes fun of and will do anything we ask in order to try and fit in is a huge dingus.
by dingus extrodanaire March 16, 2010
another word for a spaz.
NOTE: a dingus is NOT a stupid person, because a dingus is someone who can make you laugh by doing stupid THINGS, but they are not stupid people. a stupid person is an idiot. idiot and dingus are different.
(your friend is rocking back and forth on their chair and it topples over, thus flinging them across the room)

you say "dude, you're such a DINGUS"
by dingus April 27, 2003
A person who is exceptionally goofy or awkward in nature, but in an endearing and lovable way
The tall, lanky dingus with glasses and long hair stumbled across the room and fell over the Gamecube wires.
by greggy boy September 17, 2006
a. A person or animal that displays stupidity or does something disappointing. A different and possibly more polite way to call a friend, pet, or stranger a dumb ass, shithead or fool.

b. Slang for penis.
"I drove back across town because some dingus didn't take the damn ink tag off my new shirt."

"I don't chase my wife around naked in the house anymore. Last time I bruised my dingus."
by Two Cats October 08, 2013
Someone who is either stupid or who's actions are that of stupidity (used affectionately)
Wow, nice one dingus.
by Vrandoodle March 23, 2010
An oversized whale penis.
You're a dingus!
by Lalalalalalalalala() April 29, 2014
another word for penis
I want to touch your dingus.

word on the street is that you have a pretty huge dingus.

put your dingus inside of me.

your dingus tastes like watermelon.
by hole7382902 March 04, 2014
A weirdo; a pupil who knows nothing. he/she thinks the earth revolves around themselves.

Singular: Dingus

Plural: Dingi
"Gosh!!!" Jonathon, Why do you continue to act like a dingus?
by gopher27 June 11, 2014

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