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1. Said when expressing apathy towards something
2. Used to acknowledge something you dislike/disagree with
3. Said after doing something to say it was easy/pointless
"Today I'll show you my favourite bookend!"
by Psi November 03, 2003
A word used when somethin bad/nasty has been said to you.
Matt: My teddy is sexier than you
Alice: Hmph
by Alice D September 27, 2006
The noise one makes after proving something wrong, as in to show the other inferior.
This is the best way to throw a rock (rock lands 30 feet away).
No, THIS is (rock lands 40 feet away).
by Darrell A. Pierce January 12, 2004
Acknowledging something interesting.
Hmph, that was sweet.

by Brandon Mead September 16, 2007
Invented in 1987 by Craig Robinson.
"Hmph"... includes any alternative spelling such as "hmf" or the like
by Merrian-Webster Dictionary July 22, 2006
Shorthand for a common whine emitted by triathletes who have bitten off more than they can chew on an early season bicycle ride. Stands for "Help, My Pussy Hurts"
Jill: OK Kelvin, let's pick up the pace a little, we only have 30 more miles to go.

Kelvin: HMPH!
by Yuri-Nator March 21, 2011
Something said while walking with another person after seeing something out of the ordinary. Usually this expression comes with a side glance that is met by the other persons eyes. This occurs only when somehing is funny, but too weird for words.
When I was walking down the street with Susy the other day their was this weird fat guy with a speedo and an apron that said kiss the cook on. All we could do is look at eachother and say hmph.
by invisble donkeys October 18, 2007

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