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The protective cover that goes on the Nintendo Wii remotes.
When I bought my Wii, I didn't get a wiicondom.
by gryphon84 July 14, 2008
the desire to eat that comes when drunk.
"I'm so hungry from all this drinking."

"you've got the drunken munchies"

by gryphon84 March 31, 2008
The rear windshield of a vehicle.
When I looked through my backshield I noticed a flock of birds chasing me.
by gryphon84 July 09, 2009
A town in Ireland's county Kerry.
Have you heard about the Dingle dolphin?
by gryphon84 April 07, 2010
The name of the night club on all the ships belonging to Holland America.
Hey lets go to Northern Lights, there's nothing else to do around here right now.
by gryphon84 August 18, 2009
Last name of Chandler and later Monica from Friends.
"Hey Chandler what is your last name?"
"It's Bing."
by gryphon84 May 29, 2009
The act of tapping your feet subconsciously to the beat of music.
When Jim walked into the club he immediately got BEAT FEET.
by gryphon84 June 10, 2009

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