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A team I'm not particularly fond of, but they have a good manager and they fucking hate Burnley bastards, which makes them alright by me
I went to Ewood Park for the Blackburn v Burnley FA Cup replay and never have I experienced such a hostile atmosphere. Plus Burnley lost, which made it even better
by zutroy March 02, 2005
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I believe Blackburn Rovers beat your sorry Burnley Asses 2-1 in the replay... you lose again, ho ho ho...

Will you ever beat Blackburn? "No Nay Never, No Nay Never No More!" I think.

Go home you Dingles, boo-hoo.
Everyone from Burnley is a Dingle

Burnley is the boil on the backside of Lancashire

I'd rather be a spacker than a Burnley fan
by Mark Hughes March 01, 2005
A decent team with a terrible manager and awful owners.
they always beat burnley so really you cant say much you BURNLEY SCUM! also when was the last time you burnley scumbags won a match?
by dzap787 November 22, 2011
a football team supported by bastard fans, in premier league for the time being. Based in a shithole (see blackburn) and have sold their best player to chelsea. The shit bastards
"lets hope blackburn rovers get relegated so we can have 6 points next season"
by mister burnley March 23, 2004
A small team full of inadequate miscriants. Let's hope the super BURNLEY draw them in the FA Cup 3rd round and give the bastards the pummeling they deserve.
Hate bastard rovers, we only hate bastard rovers
by Alan Iveson November 15, 2004
A really awful team with dodgy supporters like tossers who decide to turn on their best friends for no reason one day.
In the shithole that is Lancashire.
Annoying Wankerboy: UHHHHHHH I support Blackburn Rovers cos I'm a RETARD!
Brilliantly Marvellous Girl: Yeah, well, you could have supported Leeds United, like I do cos I rock.
by LUFCforlife April 18, 2008

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