(ding'*bat') n. Slang 1. A person, esp. a woman, lacking common sense and an ability to properly reason.
The dingbat backed into another car while talking to her girlfriend on her cell phone.
by Paul Rael March 10, 2008
Top Definition
A weird thing, person or situation, a person considered stupid or foolish.
A set of fonts showing pictures instad of letters.
You are a real dingbat.

I was talking to your best friend, he told me your were in on holiday, he is a real dingbat isn't he.

I tried to cash my wifes paycheck, I felt like a dingbat when they refused me because of my sex.
by John365 March 13, 2003
A ridiculous, silly or stupid person.

The word 'dingbat' originally refers to to a character or symbol used in typesetting which gives an instruction to the printer. These should be removed before the text is published, but were occasionally left in by mistake. The character made no sense to non-typesetters and the association of "dingbat" with "nonsense" and "forgetfulness" carried over to describe people.
Julia's such a dingbat, I asked her to buy me yogurt and she got me cream.

This end of year report is riddled with inaccuracies. Looks like we've got a dingbat in the mix.

(sarchastic) Nice one Paul, a spectacular display of ding-battery.
by StaticRabbit January 14, 2010
Dingbat is someone who attempts to provide a definition of the word “Dingbat” and misspells the word “retarded” in his or her definition.
Dingbat is someone who attempts to provide a definition of the word “Dingbat” and misspells the word “retarded” in his or her definition.
by Not RETARTED, RETARD June 07, 2009
In Kentucky, a slang term for somebody so daft that they LITERALLY don't know which way is up.
"That dingbat couldn't tell the difference between a six and a nine!"
by Norm DeGuerre May 24, 2013
It's already a word but i like this definition better. :)

Someone who acts silly or does/says stupid things.
Oh my gosh you're such a ding bat, you almost booted that soccer ball on the roof!
by pbimpette November 07, 2009
A crazy individual
Man: Hey asshole!

Charles: Shut up ding bat, at least my mom doesn't suck cocks for a living.
by longranger August 28, 2003
A childs toy from the 1970's that consisted of a platic table-tennis like bat with a rubber ball attached to the centre by elastic.
The ball could be hit repeatedly and always come back.
whack, whack, whack... and so on.
by Or am I the Dog January 09, 2004
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