The word 'Ding' is a gaming word for the phrase 'I levelled up'.

'Ding' messages are usually reserved for friends, or your members of your guild- as people in the general chat show hostility to your level-up.

May appear from time to time as part of another word; eg. 'Ding Dong', 'Ding-a-ling'. etc.

Feelings of joy and happiness usually surround this word, increasing in intensity with higher levelled 'dings'.
Me 'Ding!' ... Friend 'Grats!' ... GZ

'Gary Coleman, I'm only three bars away from a ding'

'I'm going to get my ding then log'
by Kev R Smith May 15, 2007
The pronounciation of "Damn" in Cantonese.
A: Your credit card is not working
B: Ding!
by hkpp September 25, 2009
virgina slang for cocaine.
yo dude easy on the dings it's still early.
by southsidehammer November 19, 2007
(v.) to reject, as in to reject a candidate from membership to a club or society.
(n.) a person rejected or worthy of rejection.
"I don't like him, let's ding him."

"That guy's a ding, let's get him out of here before he makes us look bad."
by eleusinian October 21, 2007
A colloquial term referring to the alcoholic beverage Strongbow, typically used by Belfast residents aspiring to become severely intoxicated on any given night out.
Ding me!
by Steve85 February 19, 2011
Ding (Pronounced as you would hear it in the onomatopoeia word "Ding Dong" like a doorbell)

1. someone who is so stupid it just surprises you and adds their own zest and style to the stupidity.

2. a word to call your friend when fooling around and the person is making no sense or being oblivious and it's funny.
1. Wow that girl is a freakin' ding. she said that the titanic sunk in 700 B.C.

2. Hahaha, you're a ding. The camera's right in front of you!
by T-Armss July 19, 2010
Adjective used when one is dying so hard that they can't even pronounce the "y"
I got so fuckin hammered last night and then banged for like 5 hours. I'm so hungover. Can't even move. I'm fuckin ding!
by Downbitches December 31, 2013

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