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1) Only a small dent.
2) To punch someone in the head- hard enough to hurt their pride, but not hard enough to keep them from seeking vengeance.
Joe: I wonder after that night I hit Richard in the head in the Bar.
Mike: What is this all about?
Barry (to Mike): He dinged Richard. (Ha ha ha.)
by skydog70 February 20, 2011
21 13
A colloquial term referring to the alcoholic beverage Strongbow, typically used by Belfast residents aspiring to become severely intoxicated on any given night out.
Ding me!
by Steve85 February 19, 2011
7 4
The pronounciation of "Damn" in Cantonese.
A: Your credit card is not working
B: Ding!
by hkpp September 25, 2009
6 3
virgina slang for cocaine.
yo dude easy on the dings it's still early.
by southsidehammer November 19, 2007
9 6
Adjective used when one is dying so hard that they can't even pronounce the "y"
I got so fuckin hammered last night and then banged for like 5 hours. I'm so hungover. Can't even move. I'm fuckin ding!
by Downbitches December 31, 2013
2 0
A vagina, as it goes well with dong.
He stuck his dong in her ding. Ding dong!
by Doctor Krabs January 01, 2012
3 1
Ding (Pronounced as you would hear it in the onomatopoeia word "Ding Dong" like a doorbell)

1. someone who is so stupid it just surprises you and adds their own zest and style to the stupidity.

2. a word to call your friend when fooling around and the person is making no sense or being oblivious and it's funny.
1. Wow that girl is a freakin' ding. she said that the titanic sunk in 700 B.C.

2. Hahaha, you're a ding. The camera's right in front of you!
by T-Armss July 19, 2010
6 4