used in the northeast to describe someone as stupid.
your a proppa ding!
by youthioo May 20, 2012
used in joking with friends. when your friend is being dumb.
haha! you're such a ding!
by crunkchick2012 January 09, 2012
A colloquial term referring to the alcoholic beverage Strongbow, typically used by Belfast residents aspiring to become severely intoxicated on any given night out.
Ding me!
by Steve85 February 19, 2011
Northern England definition: To offend someone.
"What are you on about, you ding?"
by Chantelle August 07, 2003
Adjective. Something that is minging, or gross.
Dad: Are you going to eat your dinner, or is it ding?
by dictionary idiot January 09, 2014
Adjective used when one is dying so hard that they can't even pronounce the "y"
I got so fuckin hammered last night and then banged for like 5 hours. I'm so hungover. Can't even move. I'm fuckin ding!
by Downbitches December 31, 2013
A word used when you level up in the game "World of Warcraft".
-Ding!!! level 3.


by DINGchavez April 02, 2010

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