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a term used to describe someone who is tripping on an illicit substance.
"Dude did u see Dan dinging last night"
"Yeh man he was off tap"
by spanky ham doesnt care April 15, 2008
12 3
a word used to describe somone who is exceptionaly ugly.
Male: "dude that girl you just got with is so dinging!
by justinian duncan May 01, 2010
5 5
the act of gathering a bunch of friends to jump on the bell at a gas station
i got a detention today for dinging
by jamins November 29, 2007
4 4
something which is sweet as and immense in every way.
lads, you seen that bird outside - she's dinging!
by buckas March 21, 2005
4 4
Where as you walk or run along naked your pecker flops up and down with each step. Said motion is called dinging because the pecker is called a dinger.
She saw me dinging all the way to the lake.
by Judge dredd7 July 29, 2011
2 5