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To get rejected, usually from a graduate school.
"Man, I got dinged yesterday. The decision letter came in a small and thin envelope."
by james December 13, 2003
62 16
To be charged. Usually without prior notice.
"I just got my cable bill and they dinged me for pay per views I didn't order!"
by voodoo122 July 09, 2005
27 17
the unofficial term of being analed by christine
you just got DINGED
by dtey May 24, 2011
5 13
To get drunk, throw up, and pass out. All within a few hours.
"Man I got fuckin DINGED off that Crown and C2 last night!"
by Ding March 19, 2006
12 20
Usually a term used to explain a girl giving a guy head but it can go both ways.
Yo nigga i just go dinged by that stunt

For real, man nigga she dinged me last week
by Nanericka February 21, 2008
2 26