kill time; do nothing of importance
any action that would take the place of work or some other necessary task
She didn't finish her homework, she was dilly dallying around online instead.
by Mandolin June 18, 2004
To procrastinate in an air-headed manor. Couldn't give two shits; in another world.
I dilly dallied all day I was almost late for work.
by Mahwah, NJ 07430 June 17, 2004
JD: Look at THOSE dilly dallies!
by dayum! November 05, 2008
To masturbate while you're supposed to be in a hurry.
"Hey, you were supposed to take a quick shower." "Sorry, I was dilly dallying." "I KNEW IT."
by ruffortstuffman April 03, 2010
to waste time and piss your parents off by being incredibly wait; stall
mom:"now son, dont dilly dally or i may have to spank you."
by laura R June 17, 2004
an inlstrument used for self pleasure, or for pleasing others
"I walked in the room and Rufus was gettin it poppin with the dilly dally"
by Hector678 March 04, 2010
take your sweet ass time
stop making a day of it dilly dally mother f__ker
by DrPepper June 17, 2004

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