1. Dildo hole
2. Someone who eats a lot of dill and has a hole.
Kaven is a dillhole lover and has many strap on cocks.
by Noah Judson February 22, 2007
One who's mouth allows anything to slip out without first considering the consequences of said lies.
xyz - "I have don't everything in the world. No one has done more than I"
ABC - "Quit being a dillhole."
by MBrew July 16, 2003
The reference to the phallic shape of a Dill Pickle and the hole at the end of a phallus.
your a Dillhole
by Dave April 30, 2003
Often used by the legendayr Beavis and Butthead
Beavis, you dillhole.
by Nexox Enigma November 26, 2002
a person you'd just as soon be rid of
"You're a major dillhole."
by kitznegari November 09, 2002
a sex toy filling the same requirements as a dildo for a girl but for men assentially a plstic/rubber vagina that losers that cant pick up a girl on a friday night use
the man was lonely so he used a dillhole to satisfy himself
by patman noldawg October 13, 2007
a softened term for an irrational, unbalanced, and possibly dangerous person who meddles in the business of and annoys those around him/her.
"That Aaron Conner hacked my site because I met a new guy. He's such a dillhole!"
by Auslander2 November 03, 2006

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