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a noise made using an open mouth and vigorous movement of the tongue. used to entertain fellow stoners, to break awkward silences, to startle people walking down the street while riding in a vehicle, or to annoy another person
*people walking down a street*

*stoner riding in car passes*

"LIBDLE LIBDLE LIBDLE!" (the basic sound that is the stoner call)

*people jump and are suprised*
by jaylea:strangely[[satisfying]] October 20, 2008
someone that has done or said something offensive. can also be used as a term of endearment
-"oh you stole my soda!"

-"your mom!"

-"you dillhole!"

-"i can't believe you dropped it, haha, you dillhole"
by jaylea:strangely[[satisfying]] October 20, 2008
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