Dilk is one of those texting words. (like "lol" and "ttyl")

It means "Damn it looks kool!"
I'm sending you a pic of this sports car that just passed me! Dilk!
#lol #ttyl #dilk #dikl #dlik #texting #text #message #textmessage #damn #it #looks #kool #damnitlookskool
by Lightning Thumbs November 30, 2010
Top Definition
A derrogatory term for a person from india, who is of the hindu religion.
WOAH!..Kiran is such a dilk!
#considered very racist #prejudice #frowed upon #not to be used in a formal setting #could entice hostile behavior.
by Ryan pump #20 March 03, 2007
Milk produced from a dog which can be used just like ordinary cow milk.
Ice cream

Dilk chocolate


Almond dilk
Or just plain hard dilk.
"Dilk is the best thing that ever entered my mouth."
by narsark May 13, 2016
The mixture of Mountain Dew and milk
Guy1: ay you lil nigga fuck lean it's all about this dilk.

Guy2: all right fam I'll try it.
by The cancerous meme May 15, 2016
A disgusting degenerate whose only concern is about himself and how much pleasure his dick gets. Will slam his dick into any orphus (i.e dog, mom, ear, cat, goat, belly button.) Will state no homo while simultaneously anally penetrating his "bro".
KYLEE - Did you hear that Harry slammed his dick into the printer?!
ME - OMG, what a fuckin dilk!
#dickfuckboysexcum fuck boy #man whore #scum #boner #cum
by assaphobia March 05, 2015
he with a large penis thatis pleasing to women.
she saw that he was Dilks and knew he would give her much orgasmic pleasure.
#large one #big cock #meat master #orgasmo #stiff meister
by jenna jamesen July 10, 2006
The disposed foreskin of a castrated horse's penis. Commonly used to describe an insignificant person clinging to a fleeting source of power.
I wanted to watch reruns of Two and a Half Men, but Steve was being a dilk about the remote.
#asshole #twerp #gnat #prick #jerk
by ThaOneTheyCallHovis March 15, 2009
Semen, a combination of (dick and milk) or man milk or dick milk.
Got Dilk!
Stacey said, "Hopefully, I be getting a tall warm glass of Dilk tonite."
#semen #sperm #word combinations #man milk #penis
by Killacane January 13, 2008
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