semen; the ejaculate of a male; dick milk
"I heard she takes dilk strait from the tap..."
by Scronic May 15, 2006
the smooth and thick smoke produced from burning hash in a bottle.
usually sinks to the bottom, white cloud that looks like milk...dilk
look at all that dilk, im gonna be mashed.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
A Jersey tough guy douche bag who wears all black and loves klonopins.
Steve, are all guys from New Jersey Dilks like you?
by Hans Borg December 26, 2005
To french kiss someone

Used in enniscorthy co. wexford ireland
Boy at a disco: Hey will you dilk him (points at friend)
Girl at disco: yes ok (leans in)
by Eveolly September 02, 2009

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