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1. To perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of; grasp; gather. “Ya dig? Yeah I can dig it”

2. To find attractive, pleasant, to enjoy. “I dig on that Trim, man; girl is fine!”
"U see that honkey mofo be messin with my old lady?" 'Yeah man I can dig it, that brotha be pickin up on you man.'
by Matt Hoyt February 10, 2004
In street racing; Racing from a complete stop to a set speed, gear or distance.
I don't want to go from a roll, lets race from a dig
by Steven Frymyer July 06, 2004
Daddy Issue Girl
- a young woman who is attracted to much older men. Often stems from a lack of a good relationship between the girl and her father.

- the opposite of a "cougar".

-D.I.G's don't necessarily look for rich men. They just like older ones.
CollegeGirl 1: OMG Stacy's dating Professor J, he's like...65 years old.

CollegeGirl 2: More like 100. Gross! She must be a D.I.G.
by CNelly September 12, 2011
To like, appreciate and understand. The phrase dig doesn't only mean "I understand," but that I'm a very special person that understands in a special sort of way- in other words, you're hip.
Like if you say "dig," but you don't dig, I did where you're at.
by Del Close September 08, 2003
word to describe an insult..usually not meant in a serious manner, just a friendly "jab" at someone. you can't just make something up, the dig has to be somewhat truthful.
"some kid was diggin' on james like crazy just now.. talkin about his momma! LoL"

by mitsu mike December 07, 2006
Dig: To create holes in the ground with a given implement.

Dig: To have understanding of.

Dig: To inflict pain.

Digs: Where you live
C'mon you bad mama jamma's I gotta dig me a hole you dig, so pull some weight else you all get digs, after this we can head bag to my digs for chills homes.
by Dan April 25, 2003
A term for a cigarette hailing from Atlantic Canada.
"Hey dude, you got a dig?"
by Alex MacKinnon March 14, 2008
To comprehend or like something. Possibly coming from the Irish- An Dtuigeann tu? meaning, Do you understand.
''Hey Willie, I'm totally diggin your new hair do!''. Remarked Roger sarcastically, after Rogers' near fatal accident with the strimmer. And this wasn't the first time the two lads had nearly come to blows.There was that time when rude Roger had slagged poor Willies' old man off for having only one ball,a piece of information that Roger should have never found out, if only it wasn't
for Willies' loud mouthed ex Grainne and her tactless ways. Man that girl was a shit-talker if ever I saw one. What about the time when Roger, that utter bastard was jeering Willie about only having one eye, especially when it was indirectly Rogers' fault that Wilie had come to lose the eye in the first place. ''One eyed Willie, one eyed Willie''. Yeah, really funny Roger, HOW original. Bastard.
by Jonny Tennant July 04, 2006