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An awesome girl! Someone everyone wants to be friends with because she is so amazing, loyal, trust worthy, and all around bad ass! A hard working ambitious girl. She does not take shit from anybody, talk shit get hit. Boys wish they can meet her and would be lucky to have her.
Dang I wanna be just like Joana.
by BadAss gurl March 22, 2011
joana is the type of women who likes to have fun and dance all night long and can really drink all day , joana is the type of women who is really nice and honest and funny , beautiful thats why everybody wants to be friends with her. This joana will beat the crap out of you if you disrespect her or her family , this joana is short but she can fuck any guy or girl up if you talk shit about her just be ready to get fuck up
this joana is always on point on anything . if you find someone name

joana keep her & never let her go
because she wont find anyone amazing as her.
joana is an amazing person she will fight for what she loves.
by blue303 July 18, 2014
a poo
"wow stop being such a Joana!!!!"
by foreverurs June 20, 2014

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