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Digga is a man that sells drugs or other illegal items. Sort of a spin off of a Pimp.
I got to go get my stuff from the Digga.
by the one true diGGa April 06, 2004
19 21
german term which got absolutely nothing to do with the word nigga!
came up at the mid/late 90s german hip hop wave.
mostly used by north-german (hamburg) rappers like "das bo".
was geht digga - whats up man
by shiny bling bling November 22, 2005
234 61
It's a German word mostly used in or around Hamburg which has absolutely nothing to do with the word nigger!
It's said that it was used by dockers in Hamburg for the first time and was later adopted by the Hamburger Hip-Hop Wave in the early 90s!
It has the same meaning as the English "mate", "dude" or "bro" depending on the context!
"Digga, hast du ein Problem?!" - "You got a problem, dude?"

"Ey Digga, was geht?" - "Yo dude, what's up?"
by gunjah29 August 08, 2009
64 14
Australian slang for friend or associate. Also used to refer to an individual or to oneself.
What's a digga to think? You're nothing but a fink.

This is my digga Robbo, who works at the Last Chance Hotel.
by Original Digga May 28, 2005
46 28
German slang, similar to 'dude' in english.. comes from the word dicker originally. dicker literally means fatty but in german is used as 'dude' or 'bro'
dicker -> digga = same thing
ey digga, was geht?
by themezza6 July 17, 2011
17 5
A DJ or vinyl record enthusiast who spends exhorbitant amounts of time digging through crates of vinyl. Short for "crate digga" or "beat digga".
"DJ Shadow has the most obscure beats... He's a serious crate digga"
by Diggabeatz September 23, 2012
3 3
what you say when you dont want to say nigga. alsso used to show amazement or being stoked.
oh digga you did it!!!
6 6
A style of strumming the guitar to create a certain, unique sound. A Digga is a short, clean, stroke of a guitar/bass, often repeated quickly to add to the effect.

Usually played in Hardcore, Metalcore, and Post-Hardcore genres of music.

See: The Devil Wears Prada (Band)
Mike: Dude I love that song "Danger:Wildman"!
Kirk: Yeah I know, the diggas in that song are just incredible!
by Mikeshellekit August 07, 2009
12 12