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A place you never want to work.
The woman bitched at the hotel clerk for nothing.
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
Chill place to work if you can shake off the shit cranky bastards throw your way for easily remedied inconveniences. Also a place where parents bring their hot ass 17-18 year old daughters durring college preveiws time. Score!
girl you wanna come to my hotel?
by Hartcore November 20, 2004
a motel with Ho's in it for the pleasuring of men.
let's go to the ho-tel and get a little somthin somthin.
by James March 23, 2004
A place where a bunch of ho's get a cheap room and have 4-somes all day and night. A word of warning- not a family place.
Guy 1- Dude where all the babes?

guy2- i dont kno. i miss those ho's.

guy 3- dude there all at the ho-tel with all those studs.

guy 1 & 2- DAmmnnnnn
by urbaner7863784682764 August 31, 2010
A woman who has many sexual partners and communicates their names to many
Don't knock da boots wit her cuz that HOTEL.
by Ashley G October 07, 2003
1. A place where you are fucked either way.
If your customer is angry/happy(i mean sexually excited) he fucks you & if your employer is angry/happy(refer the previous meaning) then your seniors fuck you.
2. replica of hell on earth if you are a good person
3. A place where politeness is taught impolitely
1. Wife - Dear, is there any way i can be fucked everyday?
Husband - Ya sure, why dont you join my hotel?
by perzialo October 06, 2007
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