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the process of no longer being alive.
by Kalashnikov June 01, 2003
"Tec-9", popular street gat used to pop motherfuckers.
"Rollin down the block with two Tec-9s, a bag full of money and a life of hard times"
-South Central Cartel
by Kalashnikov April 10, 2003
Getting, giving to, or having gonnoreah, an STD.
"Man, that bitch burned me!"
by Kalashnikov April 10, 2003
Fabrique Nationale P90, Sub Machine Gun. A High effective Sub Machine gun that originated in BELGIUM! Capable of a 50 round double stacked magazine, it fires the 5.7x28mm Sub Sonic Armour Piercing SS190 round at an effective 950 rounds per minute, with it's bullpup design it is highly maneuverable. It is used in many games with altered names, but the game that abused it most was Goldeneye, where it was named the RC-P90 and held an 80 round clip as well as firing the same round as several other guns!
by Kalashnikov June 01, 2003
A 9x39mm Fully Automatic Russian Assualt rifle. Usualy in a 10 round single stacked clip or 20 round double stacked, it fires the silent SP-6 Russian round.
by Kalashnikov June 01, 2003
High Explove Armour Piercing
They fired the 40x54mm High Explosive Armour Piercing round into the vehicle blowing it up instantly
by Kalashnikov June 01, 2003
n. elongated "Russian" version of bitch
Stalin is my biznionovich
by Kalashnikov April 21, 2006
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