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A jestful term used as a means of luring unsuspecting individuals to inquire into its definition.
John: Dude, you're a dickfor.
Adam: What's a dickfor?
John: Ha! You don't know what a dick's for?
(John continues laughing uncontrollably)
by Matt T. February 09, 2004
The Tweed way of pulling a fast one on your unsuspecting Grandmother.
"Hey Grandmother"
"Yes, Honeydew"
"Will you get me a dickfor for Christmas?"
"What's a dickfor?"
by Moonracer March 15, 2005
I don't know what it is. I sure wish someone would tell me.
Could someone please tell me what's a dickfor.
by rustyshackleford December 09, 2007
an insult referring to any person deserving to be prompted to and likely ask, "what's a dickfor?", usually in response to something that would only be done by a jackass; esp. someone working for the man and being unresponsive to rational discussion: a dipshit

"I can't believe that douche bag just...
What a dickfor!"
by nviav April 11, 2006
A commical term used to prove to one's friend that another man or boy does not have a penis.
John: Dude, that new kid is AWESOME!
Bill: No he's not he doesn't even have a dick I bet.
John: YA! Well can you prove it?
Bill: Sure, Watch this!
Bill: Hey you, new kid.
New Kid: Hey, What's up?
Bill: Your a Dickfor.
New Kid: What's a Dickfor?
Bill: Told you, John.
by Michecho November 11, 2007
1. Name to call someone who is acting a complete ass.

2. Used as a joke for people who don't know the word.
1. "What's up with that guy? He's being a dickfor."

2. Person 1: "You're a dickfor."

Person 2: "What's a dickfor?"(what's a dick for)?
Person 1: " Lol, you don't know?"
by kokokola January 29, 2011
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