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In a video game, a scripted event with limited interaction, also known as a "rail shooter" sequence. Heavy on narration or plot, but less free-form than the rest of the game's action. Used when the designer doesn't want the player to wander around or waste time.

Often resembles actual attractions at a real theme park.
Only issue I see, 8 minutes of theme park until you get to do something.

But it's a great "theme park" ;-)
by nayhem October 24, 2011
An important diagnostic device used to inspect unlit passages and conduits. Commonly kept near a journeyman's caulking bowls.
"Ey, Jimmy, hand me the dickfor."
*pulls out toolkit* "Which one's the dickfor?"
*crew snickers*
"Waittaminit, just what is a dickfor?"
*stifled laughter*
by nayhem July 10, 2008
1. A loose assortment of material, gathered into and construed as a single entity. The contents of a pile are usually explicitly stated or implicitly understood to be undesirable (i.e. trash, shit, ass, maggots, gaywads).

2. A person who either functionally or essentially resembles the aforementioned.
Yeah, he's a fucking pile. Left me all his work to finish. I'mma leave him a surprise.
by nayhem June 15, 2008
A pretender who trolls around forums and comment boxes, crying "newfag" whenever the Internet is enjoying itself. The onymus is a hypocrite—a lonely soul with a name, hated by real people and forsaken by actual anonymous.
"Newfags...this is neither epic or win."
"Oh, no! It's an onymus! We're screwed now, ladies, because we're not supposed to have fun."
"Buncha faggots. I'm outta here."
by nayhem June 10, 2008

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