an acronym meaning Dick In Butt Syndrome
That guy has biggum DIBS
by JP SCOOT June 25, 2008
DIBs (Dead in Barracks): Its what happens when you live in close quarters with someone who posts totally inappropriate, hurtful and un-true things about you on the internets and you kills them for doing it!!!!
Person 1: Look up your last name
Person 2: Okay....(does it).....Hey thats mean and un-true
Person 1: What're you gonna do about it?
Person 2: I'll kill you in barracks, then you'll be DIBs!!
by Shadow09 February 02, 2010
to claim an item, person, or thing in general
john called dibs for a cock in his face.
by Morgan Shandley December 09, 2003
DIBS is an acronym for Dick Intergrated Ball Syndrome/Sack. It is a common occurance for persons of a certain decendancy or of slight obestity. A person has DIBS when their penis is so small there scrotum overpowers it and is more prominent.
Basically their penis is very small however their scrotum is very large.
After gym class when a lad has encountered a bit of gitch they go to have a shower and remove their underwear. To the other class mates shock they see an overly large ball sack (scrotum) and find it hard to see his penis. They then exclaim
'wow, he's got DIBS!!!'
by Bob Frost January 29, 2008
Stands for Dirty Irish Bastard. Refers to lewd middle-aged drunken people hanging around in Dublin youth hostels.

Gradually applied to people from other nationalities as well:
DFB: Dirty French Bastard
DAB: Dirty Australian Bastard
That DIB spent the whole night drinking wine from a plastic bottle and burping. In the dorm.
by Clem v4 June 25, 2006
1. To suddenly lose control of an object(s) in your hand and drop it all over the ground possibly while making a Michael J. Fox imitation.
2. To lose control and drop a thing or all things from it's container and then violenty throw the container with full force as a result.
Allan spent five dollars on dibs at Disneyland and then went dibs on said dibs while impersonation Michael J. Fox and then threw his cup violently at the trash can and bounced off and hit and nearly killed a small child.
by Adam Castillo March 26, 2008
n. acroynm meaning dick in the butt sluts, referring to girls who allegedly like dicks in their butts
Danielle Smith is a DIBS
by The Vaporizers September 03, 2007

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