Dibs stands for 'Delicious Information Berries' wich refers to any piece of information ever that can be found freely or 'harvested'.
'That site had some sweet dibs'
by Dralios May 07, 2009
to claim an item, person, or thing in general
john called dibs for a cock in his face.
by Morgan Shandley December 09, 2003
an acronym meaning Dick In Butt Syndrome
Curtis Chesire has the worst case of DIBS ever, and he should go see his doctor to get his case checked out.
by JP SCOOT June 25, 2008
an acronym meaning Dick In Butt Syndrome
That guy has biggum DIBS
by JP SCOOT June 25, 2008
expression used when an extremely unattractive person is near

be carful not to use in reference to someones mom
shit could get awkward
a heffer is approaching.
V- "DIBS!"
M- nice.
by Where am i February 14, 2008
DIBs (Dead in Barracks): Its what happens when you live in close quarters with someone who posts totally inappropriate, hurtful and un-true things about you on the internets and you kills them for doing it!!!!
Person 1: Look up your last name
Person 2: Okay....(does it).....Hey thats mean and un-true
Person 1: What're you gonna do about it?
Person 2: I'll kill you in barracks, then you'll be DIBs!!
by Shadow09 February 02, 2010
Stands for Dirty Irish Bastard. Refers to lewd middle-aged drunken people hanging around in Dublin youth hostels.

Gradually applied to people from other nationalities as well:
DFB: Dirty French Bastard
DAB: Dirty Australian Bastard
That DIB spent the whole night drinking wine from a plastic bottle and burping. In the dorm.
by Clem v4 June 25, 2006

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