Second level Diarrhea spell in the FINAL FANTASY series.
Cloud casts Diarrhea. Sephiroth takes 2430 damage!
by Lord Diarrhea October 25, 2007
brown watery poo that comes out of your ass
i had diarrhea for five days
by sara toomey September 15, 2006
Keanu Reeves

also known as cheap baby food
I got diarrhea from a dirty Mexican
by Jewed Lackamp June 30, 2004
shit that blows out of a tuba, or a gonzo nose
by zo April 07, 2003
long form of the word dio
dude this fucking house smells like diarrhea.
by greer April 28, 2003
liquid feces
I love Diarrhea!
I love Diarrhea slushys!
Diarrhea slushys are sooo good!
by blahh May 08, 2003
the word no one knows how to spell..except me. cuz i'm cool.
Diarrhea smells.
by speedy January 21, 2003

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