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What the man in the newsagent calls you
You: Sup' dawg you cool?
Him: Yes Boss
by Prof. K Mk. 2 April 30, 2005
A phrase used to agree with an elder or superior (e.g. teacher) in order to annoy them. Often accompanied with patronising chav style finger clicks, to highlight how soled they are, and how soled the superior is.
Teacher: "Is everyone happy with exercise 3C, questions 6-9?"
Soled student: "Yes Boss!" (waves hand to click fingers)
by Samstorm December 05, 2004
When jumping in to the sea from a peddle boat.
When eating a kebab. The dude always says "yes boss".
Fancy a yes boss by here?
"Can I have Chilli sauce?"
"yes boss"
by illest January 25, 2004
a person who excessively butters up his/her boss to win favour; an obsequious toady or sycophant.
The CEO always has a bunch of yes bosses dangling around him.
by uttam maharjan February 18, 2010
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