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5 definitions by CommunistWithAGun

Poopy shooting out of the butt at high velocities in a liquid state. Smells too
When you're playing with you monkey and you feel something funny, Diarrhea!
by CommunistWithAGun January 01, 2004
A rag, usually used after masturbation to clean up the nasties.
Billy, the cat is licking your wank rag again!
by CommunistWithAGun December 29, 2003
Something that sucks to a higher level of sucking. This is called suckitude
The movie industry displays its suckitude with movies such as "The Hulk"
by CommunistWithAGun August 21, 2003
A phrase coined on IRC by myself. It is a condescending version of "lol"
"Haf haf I ownt u lolololooolloolz"
by CommunistWithAGun December 29, 2003
To orgasm, from the anus
Men in prison have "assgasms" when raped with nightsticks
by CommunistWithAGun December 27, 2003