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Slogan: "For when your choices are even shittier than Sunny D"

A drink that tastes like a fat clown's asshole.

Ran the best commercial campaign ever, because they made forty of the same commercial, but with different actors in each one.
(Three guys in the backyard)
Person 1: (unrealistically enthusiastic) WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DRINK IN THE FRIDGE?!
Person 2: Well, we got some soda, some purple stuff, SUNNY DELIGHT!
by DeviousPancake November 27, 2010
When your ass turns into Mt. St. Helens and spews molten rock and lava from your asshole. Depending on what you ate beforehand, the pain endured can range from a mild annoyance to the equivalent of a soldering iron shoved deep into your rectum.
(Person 1 hears violent screaming emitting from the bathroom door)
Person 1: Is someone getting murdered in there?
Person 2: Nah, it's just Jim. He got diarrhea from that Taco Bell he had earlier.
Person 1: Ah.. Poor Jim. :l
by DeviousPancake November 27, 2010

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