Acronym - Die in a fire
Pat Robertson to Isreal: "You're being bombed because God is angry with you", Isreal to Pat Robertson: "Suck it and DIAF".
by Lemon Funk August 02, 2006
Die in a fire. Use this word to suggest ways of how a person should be killed. You may also change the letters to suggest other ways. Such as D.I.A.T. (Pronounced Die-at.) "Die in a tornado."
P1- "Wow. That guys an ass."
P2- "Yeah, he should just go D.I.A.F."
by Shebbeh. January 23, 2006
Die in a fire

To be in a fire, and die within it.
I hate you, DIAF.
You're stupid, I hope you die in a fire(DIAF)
by Billob May 29, 2006
To Cease Living whilst being consumed by a Flame.

it's origins are up for debate. and it's origins are to be kept secret by a code of honor, and an unwritten law.
"Oh yeah, well I hope that you DIAF!"
by Toe Knee November 29, 2004
Abbreviation for "die in a fire." Generally used when no other comeback can be thought of, a stupid comment is made, or when you legitimately feel that another person should perish in a combustion reaction.
Courtney: Even though you spent two hours helping me, I'm going to ignore your advice.
by CBSFan September 18, 2010
Die in a Fire, to die by fire, deadly fire or fires. Explosions killing others.
i got hit with a fireball and died in a fire(d.i.a.f.).
by TeccaBest April 18, 2006
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