Die in a fire.

The origins were from a story in Texas where the police were conducting stings for public drunkenness in hotel bars. This caused some public outrage. Carolyn Beck of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission commented on complaints that she received, "I don't really understand the hateful outrage. I don't understand, 'Die in a fire'."

The story was circulated, among other places, on FARK.com. The angry "Die in a fire", became repeated frequently, and shortened to DIAF. Whether organically repeated on other sites simultaneously is unknown, but at present, DIAF is ubiquitously used as a pronouncement of unabashed scorn.
Mom: I cleaned your room and threw out that old ratty teddy bear you've had for ten years.
Daughter: DIAF.
by a farker August 02, 2012
An acronym for "Die in a fridge"
That bitch can go diaf!
by I'm Scylla May 29, 2012
Die in a Fire. Past tense is also acceptable. Usually used as an insult, but sometimes to inform. Sometimes used with the word "Go" in front
Guy: "Lol, he diaf iirc."

Other Guy: "roffles tahts teh sux0rs."

Guy: "Yeh."


Big ePeen: "UR TEH NUb!"

Possible Nub: "NO IM NOT GO DIAF!"

Big ePeen: "reported"
by microphone psychiatry March 08, 2008
Dad I've already fucked, as opposed to D.I.L.F (Dad I'd like to fuck)
person x: OMG, have you seen Mr. Smith today? He is a total D.I.L.F.
person y: Yeah well, in my book he's a D.I.A.F.
by Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa March 29, 2009
Dad I've already fucked.

Partially related to a DILF, which is a Dad I'd like to fuck.
Michaela- Haha I know you think he's sucha DILF.

Jill- Actually no, he's a DIAF.

Michaela- Omg! no way?
by girlswholikeboyswholikeboys January 14, 2010
(DIAF), or Dick In Ass Fucking, is an acronym used to describe a scenario of anger and sadness, or that of having been recently screwed over.
1. "I just found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with another girl"
2. "DIAF man"
by mephistofeles October 17, 2006

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