Common expression amongst military personnel, on and off the job. meaning roughly, "get the fuck out quickly."
"Dude, i just busted a beer bottle on that bouncers face, and there are cops everywhere, we gotta get the fuck out of here, di di mau! di di mau!"
by mick_the_skin June 04, 2009
Top Definition
translated directly of Vietnamese words for: go, go quickly
"Damnit, woman, you need to di di mau!"
"Hurry up and climb that rope, what part of di di mau don't you understand?"
by andoo April 20, 2003
vitanamise for "go, go quickly", and it is pronounced "diddy mow", NOT "diddy mowuu"
move, di di mau
by Giovanni January 14, 2004
To unass an AO (area of operations), normally because Charlie (or Baghdad Bob or some other bad guy)is about to do you doggie style.
Lieutenant: "Looks like the enemy is advancing."
Sergeant: "Yes sir. Time to di di mau before we get boofed."
Lieutenant: "What?"
Sergeant: "We should fall back before they get behind us, sir."
by Woody September 09, 2004
get the hell out of here
di di mau!
by Mai March 25, 2003
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