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when two people who work out together become a single entity, and will not work out seperately.
steve won't come to the gym today, his buddy building partner is sick.
by mick_the_skin September 16, 2009
exact same sexual position as the "piledriver," with the male facing away from the female instead of towards her.
when i was getting it on with karen last night i almost broke her neck during the hunched goblin.
by mick_the_skin September 16, 2009
(Savages Session) A long violent struggle to extricate a hot load of shit from one's bowels, usually involving sweat, and commonly occuring in a porta-john.
"Full on gnar bruh, i think i just blew out my asshole in a nasty sav-sesh."
by mick_the_skin May 31, 2009
1. to be in bad standing

2. to be low in quality

3. to be unintelligent

4. to be juvenile in nature
1. i'm not partying at the silver fox anymore bro, that place is clown college.

2. man these seats are clown college, couldn't we have gotten closer to the ring?

3. yo that girl you were talking to last night was clown college, i hope you got her number.

4. yo don't invite mark to the party, every time i see that dude it's full on clown college and shit.
by mick_the_skin June 24, 2010
Common expression amongst military personnel, on and off the job. meaning roughly, "get the fuck out quickly."
"Dude, i just busted a beer bottle on that bouncers face, and there are cops everywhere, we gotta get the fuck out of here, di di mau! di di mau!"
by mick_the_skin June 04, 2009

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