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Pseudo-Spanish for "deal", used to lend an air of urban-chic to an otherwise urbane sentence.
Ok folks, here's the deal...
- vs -
Alright peeps, here's the dealio...
by Woody January 24, 2005
This term is used when you have been dating someone for a considerable length of time and have developed a strong relationswhip with them.
"Are you still shagging that bird?"
"Yeah, we're going steady"
by woody February 10, 2004
The art of making your lover puke while indulging in a spot of anal sex.
I was seriously hurt while wolfbagging.
by Woody March 09, 2005
When the act of taking a shit is accompanied sensation of your rectum being on fire.
Exclusively used for the morning after drinking cheap beer.
After drinking an underteminable amount of PBR, I had the worst fire shit.
by woody April 30, 2003
best 'rock' band in the world, better than radiohead
"Radiohead? Shite, Sigur Ros are much better"
by Woody January 19, 2003
In reference to the amount of jail time you will recieve if you bang an underage girl.
Car salesman #1: That bitch is hot!
Car Salesman #2: Yeah, too bad she's a 5 to 10.
by woody May 25, 2003
Wog adaptation of the word killa, which is also there word for something which is cool.
or mor God that is a Kella ratziekunt
by Woody April 10, 2005
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