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The Most beautiful girl. Sweet smart and has an ass that just wont stop.
Damn that girls Vi
by Mai December 23, 2003
a really bad way of typing asian. It doesn't save space like the word azn, it just....looks funny.
I am azian
by mai November 21, 2003
fi ur ninglish example stinks!

s0m3tIMe5 NiNgL5H i5 Bl00dy hArd t0 REaD, LeT Al0N3 TyP3
s0m3tYmz niNgL1$h 1z |3Lo0dY h4rD tOh r3a|) , |_eT a1On3 uN|)3r$t4Nd .
there!! i think thats the REAL example
by mai March 27, 2005
The sayer too be uncontrolably dumb without any end.
Nichole is stupiff cuz she is...
by Mai March 13, 2003
How people who speak ebonics (negroes) say "Show me it"
What chu got therre? Shomit!
by mai June 10, 2004
Is a Word to be use to define a mexican that has gold teeth, really dark skin from working in Oxnard, a torn shirt that hasn't been washed is 2 months,jeans that has holes in the crotch from scratching so much and pionty boots....another word for chuntara would be Nancy Rodriguez
My boo is a hot chuntara.
by Mai June 23, 2003
get the hell out of here
di di mau!
by Mai March 25, 2003

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