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7 definitions by Mai

The Most beautiful girl. Sweet smart and has an ass that just wont stop.
Damn that girls Vi
by Mai December 23, 2003
121 65
a really bad way of typing asian. It doesn't save space like the word azn, it just....looks funny.
I am azian
by mai November 21, 2003
20 10
The sayer too be uncontrolably dumb without any end.
Nichole is stupiff cuz she is...
by Mai March 13, 2003
3 1
fi ur ninglish example stinks!

s0m3tIMe5 NiNgL5H i5 Bl00dy hArd t0 REaD, LeT Al0N3 TyP3
s0m3tYmz niNgL1$h 1z |3Lo0dY h4rD tOh r3a|) , |_eT a1On3 uN|)3r$t4Nd .
there!! i think thats the REAL example
by mai March 27, 2005
5 5
How people who speak ebonics (negroes) say "Show me it"
What chu got therre? Shomit!
by mai June 10, 2004
5 25
Is a Word to be use to define a mexican that has gold teeth, really dark skin from working in Oxnard, a torn shirt that hasn't been washed is 2 months,jeans that has holes in the crotch from scratching so much and pionty boots....another word for chuntara would be Nancy Rodriguez
My boo is a hot chuntara.
by Mai June 23, 2003
36 70
get the hell out of here
di di mau!
by Mai March 25, 2003
45 99