(Verb) Acronym standing for Dry hump meaning to engage in all of the motions of having sexual intercourse while still wearing your pants or underwear.
(See levi lovin)
David, after a particularly vigorous D.H. session with Ivy, had to change his spooge soiled pants.
by Brentwood July 04, 2005
DH, formally known as the "Daily Haley", is a term used to express illogical mistakes resulting from Pinterest Brain. DH is not contagious, however, it does affect people closely involved.

Tell Tale Symptoms of DH are as follows,

1. Repeated mishaps of similar nature with same end result
2. Inability to Learn in a structured environment
3. An inexplicable love of fashion and patterns that often effects speech patterns
4. Wearing scarves even in increasingly warm weather

If you feel that you are suffering from DH, please continue to do nothing. Nothing can be done to mend this condition.
I believe there will be at least 5 DH's today. They never stop
by Chelzeann June 02, 2014
Short for dick head when family and children around.
Shut up DH! I told you not to talk about that.
by Chad#2 August 16, 2007
Daddy's Home!
A line used by one of the main characters in the TV series How I Met Your Mother" - Barney Stinson.
*approaching a group of women*
You:Daddy's home!
*getting slapped across the face and leaving*


*approaching a group of women*
You:Daddy's home!
(later that night having sex with one or more of them)
by YeahMF August 15, 2010
An acronym for downhill mountain biking.
Snowflake: I'd rather DH because I don't like climbing my bike. I'd rather take a ski lift or shuttle to the top.
by mikwat May 21, 2004
Short for Dick Head
Yo..your actin like a real DH
by balla 98c January 03, 2009
A person with a penis on their head also known as a dickhead.
You DH.
by MC Devvo rulezzz July 22, 2008
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