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Back in my college days, a D.H. was our designated "ho" or designated hump. Basically whoever we were doing at the time. Gotta love baseball, though, cause that's were we got it from.
Going out with my D.H. tonight.
by meatloaf 66 April 07, 2009
A person with a penis on their head also known as a dickhead.
You DH.
by MC Devvo rulezzz July 22, 2008
1. Dickhole
2. What you would call someone who is acting like a dickhole, all the while not wanting to seem like a dickhole yourself.
3. The most fancy way to insult someone.
4. Mario Lopez
1. "Yo you went to Chic Filet and didn't bring me anything?! You're being a major DH." - Chad Bro-Chill

2. "What's up with Mario Lopez trying to be the latin Ryan Seacrest?" - Bro 1
"Yea, what a DH." - Bro 2
by D Von7 January 20, 2009
Short for Dick Head
Yo..your actin like a real DH
by balla 98c January 03, 2009
An acronym for downhill mountain biking.
Snowflake: I'd rather DH because I don't like climbing my bike. I'd rather take a ski lift or shuttle to the top.
by mikwat May 21, 2004
DH stands for Dreamhack.It's the world's largest computer festival. It is an event in Sweden. You bring your own computer and play games like counter strike or wow etc. You can go to DHS which is dreamhack summer or DHW which is dreamhack winter.
''Are you going to DHS 2011?''
''Ofc,how about you?''
''Yeah i'll see you there'' :)
by Josefine bambi March 21, 2011
Short for dick head when family and children around.
Shut up DH! I told you not to talk about that.
by Chad#2 August 16, 2007