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the best stuff to catch fish with
Why don't you master bait that hook. You will catch alot of fish with it.
by Donk January 27, 2004
the only known cure for the rampant women's disease stickadicktome.
may be taken orally,anally,or vaginally.
bend over and take your petercillin.
by donk February 02, 2004
n. slang term used to describe an alcoholic beverage derived from potatoes. - VODKA
Me an' dem wus drankin tater-aid and got drunk.
by Donk January 27, 2004
a women's disease cured by petercillin.
I think I have stickadicktome. Hurry and give me some petercillin.
by donk February 02, 2004
The most gracious, godly compliment ever conceived. Incredible and Amazing combined to form the most acredible word, ever. Can be used to describe an action or event, which is so awe inspiring that it can not possibly be described in any other way.
Killtastic!! That was absolutely inmazing, idiots!
by DONK April 28, 2004
A congregration of friends, each and all of which are true dons.
Me and my donterouge decided to reserve a table at the tightest club in Chicago for new year's eve.
by DonK December 17, 2004
1. n. Usually testicle, but can be any other part of male package.

(Derived from a "gotcha" typo)
I got hit right in the gotach.
by Donk January 28, 2005

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