Night Elf hero with main attribute of agility. Can learn Mana Burn, Immolation, Evasion, and Metamorphosis
Man, my level 10 DH OWNZ!
by Bowen November 11, 2003
1. Dickhole
2. What you would call someone who is acting like a dickhole, all the while not wanting to seem like a dickhole yourself.
3. The most fancy way to insult someone.
4. Mario Lopez
1. "Yo you went to Chic Filet and didn't bring me anything?! You're being a major DH." - Chad Bro-Chill

2. "What's up with Mario Lopez trying to be the latin Ryan Seacrest?" - Bro 1
"Yea, what a DH." - Bro 2
by D Von7 January 20, 2009
DH – Term for an extremely dysfunctional and moronic person, abbreviated for common term of Dickhead.
That Mark guy is a total DH, he should be fired or clubbed repeatedly over the head.
by Mishal Reidabook October 11, 2005
In Rutgers it means Dining Hall.
Let's go the DH, I'm fucking starving!
by xdxfp May 31, 2005
A term referring to mainly Everytimedown and Little Dick Balls describing them a dick head
Hey your a fucking dh
by Scapoopie November 30, 2011
Donkey Humper
See that girl? The one straight to your right? She's a DH.
by summercamp! October 22, 2011
DH stands for Dreamhack.It's the world's largest computer festival. It is an event in Sweden. You bring your own computer and play games like counter strike or wow etc. You can go to DHS which is dreamhack summer or DHW which is dreamhack winter.
''Are you going to DHS 2011?''
''Ofc,how about you?''
''Yeah i'll see you there'' :)
by Josefine bambi March 21, 2011
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