A term referring to mainly Everytimedown and Little Dick Balls describing them a dick head
Hey your a fucking dh
by Scapoopie November 30, 2011
Donkey Humper
See that girl? The one straight to your right? She's a DH.
by summercamp! October 22, 2011
A Dorky Homeschooler. Exudes a different type of aura than a normal person making them easy to spot. Other identifying characteristics include unnecessary dirt on elbows or faces, dresses shaped like flour sacks, and pants or skirts pulled up past the waistline.

Speech of a DH is punctuated by phraseology such as "let's go play" and a general lack of knowledge of slang. Speaker may frequently sniffle, push glasses up on nose, or blink excessively. Any attempt at perverted conversation will only earn you a blank stare.

Be wary of wearing anything that should suggest you have a figure; ladies, this will earn you remarks such as "harlot" "trollop" and "disgraceful"
Is she Amish?" "No, she's just a DH.
by ladygrace October 22, 2010
short for "Down Hill, used in the longboarding community, often used as DH'ing
I just bought my DH board from landyahctz, I hit 60mph DHing and fell off and ripped off all my skin.
by Sterling McGregor June 12, 2007
In aviation terms: Decision Height (DH) The point of altitude relative to radio height at which an aircraft must either land on a runway or make a go-around.
A standard DH is two hundred feet radio height.
by Mika October 28, 2003
Dumb Ho. Typically a girl who straightens her hair and wears lip gloss. Thinks sneaking out, getting drunk and going to second base is a scandelous event.
Dude, that girl with the ribbons and side ponytail is such a dh, i heard she gave Ricky head.
by babycat October 06, 2006
to dry hump and not exchange bodily fluids
abby sure did alotta dh-ing last night on jason's couch.
by a-nohl May 19, 2006

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