A team that is by far the laughing stock of the NHL!

A team that will NEVER win another Stanley Cup!

A team that bored the life out of hockey with "The Trap!"

A team that cried their poor little hearts out, to gain the rights to Scott Stevens, who didn't even want to play for NJ!

As the great one "Wayne Gretzky" himself said, "A Mickey Mouse Club!"

An NHL team with the stupidest and dumbest fans alive! How on earth can Devil fans be dumb enough to chant "Rangers Suck" when they aren't even playing the Rangers? Duh!!!

Satanic people root for Devils... Have fun in hell when you all die!

All female Devil fans are whores that cheat and/or will cheat on their lovers, and all male devil fans are bitches that paint their lovers toenails!
Devils suck!!!

If I was a loser, I would like the Devils!

The Rangers are a better team than those pitiful Devils!
by ItalianHunk21 June 27, 2011
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Arch Angel Lucifer
As a biproduct of Lucifers jealously of god, he was cast out of heaven and took 1/3 of all angels with him. These 1/3 angels were damned willingly and unfaithfully to god. Lucifer was holy but angels too can go on their own volition, thus becoming fallen angels but unlike humans, cannot be redeemed like human kind.
I got cast out of heaven for treason, got cast out of the garden of eden for being a heathen.
by Markos March 09, 2004
The excuse for everything bad you do in your life.
Mum: You were looking at porn!

Son: The devil possesed me and made me do it!

Mum: Oh, ok, that damn dirty devil! It's not your fault.
by Mew Maniac April 30, 2007
1. Prince of Darkness; King of Hell
2. Anti-Christ
3. The excuse for everything bad that happens in the world.
1 & 2. Be good, and repent thy sins, or ye shall suffer eternity in hell under the rule of the devil!

3. Psh, 9 / 11 was just an act of the Devil.
by Bryan J. R. September 27, 2005
An authority figure who takes pleasure in tormenting his/her underlings.
My devil boss hit on me again today.
by kate November 22, 2004
Deity that all highschool spanish teachers worship.
OK class excuse me for a second im gonna run to the bathroom with all the other spanish teachers and we're gonna summon the devil hahahahahahah, ummm i mean do your work hahahahah. The devil whats that?!
by h4xorz October 06, 2007
Short for Sun Devils

Nickname for athletes attending Arizona State University.
Sun Devil Cheerleader: "Let's go Devils!"

In baseball, Barry Bonds, Andre Ethier, Rick Monday, Dustin Pedroia and Reggie Jackson are all former Devils.
by Sun Devil Tool April 26, 2009
George W. Bush - President Of the U.S. of A.
the devils angels (american troops) have invaded Iraq
by alen8799 April 01, 2007

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