person, place, or thing that sucks; not good; stupid

A name to call a stupid person
"You devil, you ate all my candy"

"That place is the devil"
by lily January 15, 2005
A devil (often spelled "devul" or shortened to "dev") is a young male who is enrolled in hockey, packs chew, and tends to be unintelligent.
Johnny: Hey devul, 'sup?
Brandon: Not much, y'gotta dip, dev?
Johnny: nah, s'rry devul, ask Juddy.
by Kit January 06, 2005
The guy who wants to fuck me in the back of his car.
"Lay my hands on Heaven and the moon and the stars while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car" - Nine Inch Nails
by Skantalladayjus May 31, 2005
Good one. Bet this sounded sweeter before they were elimintated in the first round 4 games to one to the way better Philadelphia Flyers
Our cheap diving, clutching, and grabbing techniques were not enough to stop the all powerful Flyers. To bad we have no fans and our stadium is half full of Flyer fans. Being a devil fan makes me the worst one.
by Blunt0r April 20, 2004

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