Short for Sun Devils

Nickname for athletes attending Arizona State University.
Sun Devil Cheerleader: "Let's go Devils!"

In baseball, Barry Bonds, Andre Ethier, Rick Monday, Dustin Pedroia and Reggie Jackson are all former Devils.
by Sun Devil Tool April 26, 2009
1. A word that can be used in any situation, anytime, anywhere. Need a moment, chew it over with devil.

2. Used to describe something as very fashionable, and or ugly

3. Used to call someone very cool, and or a total bitch
1.Jessica: WTF!
Nick: Babe, you're being really devil right now.

2. That outfit stephany wore last night was sooo devil.

3. You see that ride? Its so devil
by HIHATER August 20, 2008
1:An Exiled Arch Angel that tryed to be Equal to God.
2:The One that cause all the problems in life.
3:Another name for Lucifer.
You Should Belive in the Devil Because He Belives in you.
by AjuntaPall August 02, 2006
A mischievous sprite that should not be crossed. Gain the trust of this man and your world will forever be altered. Cross him and your universe will crumble in your very hands. Beware of his charms…they will lure you to his dark side with lusty desires. Once you’ve been subjected to his enchantments, it is useless to resist.
Devil fills you with strange appetites.
by Icee/Apple May 26, 2009
Ben Franklin is the devil, Originated from "The Waterboy" Movie.
Mama, did Ben Franklin invent eletricity?
No, I invented electricity. Ben Franklin is the DEVIL!
by Illidan January 11, 2005
A guy who isn't so bad... when you think about it... He hates us out of jealously.... his sin was to love too much... A fallen angel that loved God because humans were put before him... through out his time of darkness he was twisted and warped...

Just my Definition of the Devil ^^
"The Devil HATES YOU!"
by Apersonisme123 October 19, 2009
1)An Ice Hockey franchise that actually wins the cup, unlike any of its immediate rivals.)
If there was a competition of cups in the last 30 years, the devils have the same amount of Stanley Cups than the rest of the tri-states put together.
Also, the team with undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the league and easily in the top three of all time, Martin Brodeur.
John: I know our stadium isn't always full, but at least we have banners on the ceiling that havent faded...
this is why the devils rock.
Sean: Pity us in Philadelphia don't have any to show in the last age.
by Michael J. Rogan April 30, 2008
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