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anus, rectum, buthole, asshole, basically the poop hole
That girl is sooo hot I would eat her devil's onion ring
by Squirelmaster May 05, 2006
22 14
This is the area behind your taint. Also known as a butt hole or ass hole.
Man your devils onion ring is stinky today.
by Matt Nickel July 18, 2008
16 9
Comical slang for brown eye, butt hole, or anus.
Does anyone else smell the reek coming from the devil's onion ring on that guy?
by Andaconda June 30, 2004
8 7
Your asshole.
Take a shower nozzle, turn it to jet, and give your devil's onionring a blast from the past!
by [sT]Crew March 23, 2004
3 4