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Not only a filler word but a stupid or slow person.
Kevin: Derp.

Aeris: Yeah, you are. Now stfu.
by AvilEngel February 01, 2012
Anal sex with a horse.
"Dude... he just derped.."
"...That wasn't a horse.. That was paris hilton."
by Macie Land September 21, 2011
Derp is a word used to describe a complete idiot. One good example would be Joe Dejesus, arguably the biggest Derp known to mankind. Other names he goes by are, Joe Skinhead, Milky and King Derp.
Example: "I've never lost a fight in my life" - Joe Skinhead
This statement makes him a Derp because he has gotten his ass beat multiple times.

Example 2: Joe Skinhead brags about everything. Thinks he knows everyone in every band, Thinks he knows everything about everything, thinks knows everything about the music scene.

Example 3: Enjoys Justin Beiber but claims to be a skin.

Example 4: Fat girlfriend

Example 5: mommas boy, plus mom and girlfriend call him Derp.

Example 6: humble and working class skinhead driving his moms cadillac

by Candrababy1991 June 25, 2011
Derp- noun/verb/adverb/adjective: a very complex infrastructure that is only accessible when the gateway to your soul has been compromised by your true emotions.
#1- Hey, whats up?

#2- Derp.
by Derpman1324 June 19, 2011
a noise that you make when you don't know what else to say
Sarah: Hey herp derp
Yaara: Derp nerp herp
Sarah: i know...
Yaara: derp.

Person 1: i just stepped in poop
Person 2: you're a derp
Person 1: yerp
by the derps April 27, 2011
A perticularly stupid looking type of bird.
Deeeerrrpp, derp, deeeeeeerrrrrrrrrpp!
by Derping Fantastic October 14, 2010
1. To smoke cannabis.
2. To inhale the smoke or vapor of cannabis or to consume and edible form of cannabis (brownie, cookie, etc.).

1. Cannabis.
2. A joint or blunt containing cannabis.
"Let's go derp in the forest!"

"Hey man, you got any derp?"
by heroofguitar322 November 12, 2011