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1) To have the desire to doink someone or to want to consummate.

2) A casual expression used to describe sexual gratification or excitement.
"Look at that fine looking lady! Be-derp, be-derp!"

"I know what you mean. Be-derp! Be-derp!"

"Be-derp! Be-derp!"
by Grand Masta E October 29, 2007
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1) A loud interjection used to express a sensual desire

2) The mating-call of a boorish, brobdingnagian Asian in hot pursuit of a harlot.
Person 1: "BE-DERP! BE-DERP! YAAA BOI!!!"
Person 2: Oh man, there must be an Asian home with a vistor.
by sKiTtleZ-TastingDeRainbow January 01, 2008

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