a derp is an unflattering photo of a person's contorted face taken by mistake
usually makes the person seeing the photo laugh and the person in the photo cry with shame
Google "derp" and try not to laugh.
by katherineeee! November 15, 2010
The face made by Gerard Piqué of Spain (a.k.a. The Herp Derp King).
Piqué is herpderpin' at the World Cup.

-Piqué sees a ball-

Piqué: DERP!
by BEASTLYBEAST12345678901 July 27, 2010
A comment, somewhat incoherent and illogical, that attempts to sound profound. Often a symptom of Obama Derangement Syndrome.
Politician: "Our opponent...is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country. "

Sensible Viewer: "That is some considerable derp."
by Nebulious June 20, 2010
The vocal sound to describe a act of dumb, or a view/image of dumb, seen as a meme, and used on image boards(websites unlisted for certain reasons).
by Crausy December 31, 2010
Has several meanings, but used in a situation where someone has done/said something retarded, and so "derp" is a socially acceptable to say post-retardedness.

This meaning is most commonly used (originally, atleast) in Coventry, England.

Pronounced "durrp." See "yarp" from the film "Hot Fuzz" The way Michael says "yarp" is similar in the way you say "derp."
Person 1: Omg, i thought i saw a cat, but it was a dog, but yeah. I failed alll my gcses.

Person 2: Derp. (retard face)
by Shaun-e-e-e September 08, 2010
boobies that are lopsided or have unaligned nipples
Hayley Williams, Edward Cullen, and Taylor all have derps.
by underpy August 11, 2010
Pertaining to undeserved success. Also, Shen's ultimate... "DeeerrrrrRRRRRRP"
He is such a derp card player, he always gets dealt the best hand.

Rammus is such a derp character. A baby monkey with down syndrome playing with his butt could get kills with him.
by Dorachor February 01, 2011

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