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The art and science of tracking, observing and recording herpafauna.
Hey let's head up to the park for some herping, the toad mating season is in full swing.
by dw6245 August 31, 2007
v. to search for reptiles or amphibians
They were herping all morning and saw three rattlesnakes
by reptiles October 04, 2002
The act of transferring the herpes simplex virus to either, reptiles or amphibians performed by a person suffering an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus.
Did you see Sean herping the other day? Did I ever, he gave Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael mouth sores.
by HandyMcJoby September 03, 2012
To be lazy or good-for-nothing at work.
Are you herping right now? Because you have been on this same task for days.

I can smell you herping!

by BigD Is King March 05, 2011
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