Most often a blonde. Usually talented with words and artistic. Guys with this name often are prone to collecting comic books and action figures. It is impressive if they are able to find a mate, even more so if they are able to produce offspring. Luckily they have a great sense of humor, are unselfish lovers (sometimes), and make good husbands.
I almost "dereked" when I considered rewatching all of the X-Men movies.
by supersexymom January 31, 2010
a large male primape with jelly rolls and a muffin top. his habitat is anywhere the strange creature can find food or anything to eat
wow what a derek
you eat to much you derek
by iluvshmeckle April 04, 2009
A Derek is a person who thinks he is right all the time. He has absolutely no friends. He tries to act and sound tough by yelling at everyone and trying to make them feel stupid, but if push comes to shove he will ALWAYS back down. He will never admit when he is wrong and will never apologize for something he has done, no matter how wrong that thing was. He will try to make himself seem like he is always right and play it off as nothing when he is proven wrong. He will even try to turn his own wrongness against the one who proves it. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being.
The Derek: "Shut up! You're wrong! You're stupid!"
You: *punch him*
The Derek: *hides in the corner and cries*
You: *leave*
The Derek: *complains about it behind your back*

"He acts like he knows everything."
"Oh, yeah. He's a total Derek."
by TheTruth877 September 03, 2009
A dude with an extremely annoying stutter that loves a girl that starts with a T, ends in an N, and has the letters ARY in between. They want to make Cobra Starship Stutter Babies
Derek: uh-I-i L-la-love T-ta-tar-tary-taryn!
by emoplusfigglyequalslove February 23, 2009
to break a surfboard (while trying to dive under a wave) by putting your hands on the front and a knee in the middle of the board and breaking it in half by the force of the wave comming at you
"Dude! My board broke in half!"....."That is because you dereked it while going under that wave!"
by Sean Williams October 02, 2006
Derek is a nickname used for all red-hairs around. Originates from Maidstone, in Kent.
My friends called phil. He's a derek!
by paolo angeles April 01, 2007
A slang term used to describe the scum that accumulates around and under the foreskin of the penis as a direct result of excess masturbation. It, as the name might suggest, also reflects a generally dirty nature which is frowned upon by even the skankiest of bitches such as a Corinna.

Those most likely to 'Derek' as said to be from the state of Pennsylvania.
One might say "Dude, I've been jacking so much today I've started to Derek... Smells too".

To which the other person might vomit, turn their nose up or deny any knowledge of ever knowing that person because he Dereked.
by Sir IDFK! January 05, 2008

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