To perform an act of sexual gratifcation with your hand and penis, on ones self. (pl) Dereking
Corr I'd derek over that slut
by Derek_Lover February 05, 2010
A small sized human with hair that can set fire to any paper who can talk for 3 days about the same thing without taking any breaths. Simply annoying.
Wow, that Jeff is really being a Derek tonight
by llllllllllol February 03, 2010
Cha Cha Cha!
That derek was like Cha Cha Cha!
by Joseph Shazam June 29, 2009
A person who is self-centered, believes that he is right all the time. Likes to play mind games with girls, and is confused most of the time. Very emotional, and easily angered. Takes things the wrong way. Loves to skateboard, snowboard, longboard. Gets together with girls, has sex, then runs off to the next girl the next day.
"OH my god, he pulled a derek on me"

"Last night was a total derek."

"I'm sorry, I have to stop this, I'm being a total derek."

"I'm not being emo, I'm being Derek."
by Cellularwhore January 08, 2010
A cocky asshole that loves beer, the Bruins, and women.
"That's so Derek..."
by Abs Loves Shades of Gray August 23, 2009
Most often a blonde. Usually talented with words and artistic. Guys with this name often are prone to collecting comic books and action figures. It is impressive if they are able to find a mate, even more so if they are able to produce offspring. Luckily they have a great sense of humor, are unselfish lovers (sometimes), and make good husbands.
I almost "dereked" when I considered rewatching all of the X-Men movies.
by supersexymom January 31, 2010
a large male primape with jelly rolls and a muffin top. his habitat is anywhere the strange creature can find food or anything to eat
wow what a derek
you eat to much you derek
by iluvshmeckle April 04, 2009

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